Portals Pullbox: No deposit! No minimum order! No worries! 10% off*

Want an in-store comic box (Pullbox), where you can ensure to never miss an issue? Want to collect a back issue, variant cover, or reserve something from the future? Well, with Portals Pullbox, it’s easier than you can imagine!

We have teamed up with Diamond Comic Distributors (our distributor for all things comics, trades, toys, and figures) to have a store level Pullbox, allowing you, the customer, to browse the wonderful PREVIEWSworld right from you phone, tablet, or computer.

It’s as easy as setting up the FREE account that allows you to log in under our store and browse anything they support. Find something you like? Simply add it to your cart, which sends it to our store inventory. Once ordered, you will receive an e-mail confirmation, and then once it’s at our location, you will receive another so you know to come by. You don’t spend a dime until you pick up your merch, but what’s better? *You get 10% off any comics ordered this way (the discount will apply when you pay at our location).

Also, if you’ve created your Pullbox, but you find something in our shop, no worries because we will still give you the 10% off any comics you would like to add at the time of pick up.

Can’t make it each week? Out of town? Busy? Again, no worries! You have 30 days to pick up your stuff. We also have shipping options available. To sign up, please enter your information below:

After submitting, you will receive an invitation to the PREVIEWSworld Pullbox website. If you have any issues navigating PREVIEWSworld or do not receive your invitation, please contact us.

Our limited print run 1-Year Anniversary playmat is available for preorder now! About 2 weeks ago