Citadel: Paint – Dry


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Dry paints are formulated to be perfect for drybrushing, with a thicker texture than normal paint designed to catch on the raised edges of your mode. This useful technique makes highlighting and capturing detail simple.

  • Designed especially for drybrushing
  • Matt finish
  • Water-based formula
  • Pot size: 12ml

Additional information

Weight 1.76 kg
Dimensions 1.2 × 1.2 × 1.8 cm

Etherium Blue, Tyrant Skull, Hexos Palesun, Kindleflame, Lucius Lilac, Praxeti White, Skink Blue, Underhive Ash, Eldar Flesh, Terminatus Stone, Longbeard Grey, Necron Compound, Golden Griffon, Ryza Rust, Wrack White, Astorath Red, Hoeth Blue, Imrik Blue, Stormfang, Niblet Green, Nurgling Green, Golgfag Brown, Verminlord Hide, Sylvaneth Bark, Dawnstone, Sigmarite


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