Gundam Build Fighters Tatsuya Yuuki’s A-Z HG 1/144


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A special unit used by Tatsuya Yuki from “Gundam Build Fighters”, this HGUC Zeta inspired Gundam features a unique weapon load out and color scheme worthy of the title, Meijin Kawaguchi. Its main armaments consist of the A Mega Rifle and Z Mega Rifle, which can combine together to form the A-Z Mega Launcher! Just like the Zeta Gundam it is based on, the A-Z Gundam is capable of transforming into a wave rider form through the use of part replacements. The Dash Shield which can be mounted on forearm and features opening for the Unlimited Saber weapon. This item is originally only available through Amazon Japan, but available freely outside Japan! Runner x 12.Product size: Approx 5″


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