Transformers TCG: Siege 2 – War of Cybertron – Trilogy Booster


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As the battle reaches its crescendo in WAR FOR CYBERTRON: SIEGE II, the Autobots and Decepticons turn to desperate means to secure victory.

The Decepticons wake their most dangerous weapon… the mighty Titan, TRYPTICON!

Each WAR FOR CYBERTRON: SIEGE II sealed Booster Display box includes 30 Booster Packs and a TRYPTICON Pack. The TRYPTICON Pack contains one Titan-sized TRYPTICON Character Card and three large Character Cards as his minions: BRUNT, FULL-TILT, and WIPE-OUT!

Each pack contains:
• 1 large Transformers foil card
• 1 small Transformers foil card
• 6 battle cards


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