Call of Cthulhu: Starter Set

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Players take on the role of investigators of mysteries, uncovering dark secrets, encountering strange monsters, and thwarting sinister cults. Together, you and your friends create and develop a story in which each of your characters plays a leading role, which could be foiling some dastardly plot or stopping horrors from beyond space and time! Roleplaying gaming is a social pastime. Everyone works together in a team, each playing an investigator character. One player runs the game-the Keeper of Arcane Lore-who referees the game and presents the story and adventure plots to the other players. Think of it a bit like acting in a drama, but where there isnt a script. Dice and the rules of the game determine the success or failure for your characters actions-all while you are propelled into dramatic and nerve-tingling situations! The emphasis is on having fun.