Pullbox Sign-up

We offer a pull box system that allows you to preorder products (comics, graphic novels, manga, figures, Funko Pops, etc.) so we can get them in and set them aside specifically for you in your own special box. We currently offer 10% off all comics purchased this way. There are no order minimums and there are no term commitments! Order what you want, when you want. We will hold comics for a one month rolling period (unless something is worked out specifically).

You can browse through and add upcoming titles to you subscriptions with our ManageComics page.

Once signed in, you will see a menu across the top. Please use this to browse upcoming items that you wish to order or subscribe to. The My Subscription tab will show you all your subscriptions.

This system will only allow you to order upcoming titles BEFORE FOC (Final Order Cutoff). Go ahead and subscribe to the series you’re looking to get, and for any items you are unable to find, please use our Requests form to let us know! For any other questions or concerns, you can contact us through the following methods: